How Social Connections Helps Seniors Cope up With Life?


Senior communities help seniors get the social connections needed to be healthy. As we grow old, we may lose friends because of losing jobs, moving out of the area, and losing people because of illnesses and death. Home health services in Manassas, Virginia can complement also the social interaction per day of a senior patient and address the need for socialization.

When senior patients get high levels of social interaction, it has a high impact on the overall health according to the study of Bryan James, an epidemiologist at the Rush Alzheimer’s Center in Chicago. Personal care service in Virginia helps seniors get support and care throughout their daily routine.

James studied the effects of improved social interaction on developing dementia. His study involved 1100 seniors without dementia where he measured the amount of social interaction they get. He found out that 70% of the people with social interaction had fewer symptoms of dementia compared to those without social activity.

As recommended by Healthline, here are ways to get social for seniors:

  • Volunteer your talents
  • Find a hobby
  • Learn something new
  • Travel to exciting places
  • Embrace the use of social media

Companion care is a service that your loved ones may enjoy to do these recommended activities. They can have someone to lean on about their struggles when joining the activities. Plus, you can get comfortable as the care specialist is trained to assist seniors in medication reminders and errands.

AJA Home Health Care LLC provides this type of home care program that you can get comfortable with. You can visit our website today.

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